Matthew Dyer


3rd Year Ph.D. Candidate
in the Sector of Theoretical Chemistry
of the Department of Chemistry,
at the University of Cambridge.
For a photo of me at work, see here.



Dr Ali Alavi - Group Home Page


Density Functional Theory Calculations of Hydrogen and on the {110} Surface of FCC Metals.

Calculating the diffusion rate of quantum particles through a periodic potential.

H adatoms on a reconstructed copper {110} surface.

H adatoms on a reconstructed copper {110} surface.

Another picture


A Layman's Description of What I Do

I've tried to summarise what I'm doing at the moment in language that most people can understand. I'm not sure whether I've suceeded, but I thought I ought to have a go since lots of people ask me about it.


Here's a link to some photographs I've taken. There aren't very many at the moment, but bear with me...

The MethSoc Story

This is a story written by the Cambridge Student Methodist Society. Anyone on the mailing list is able to extend the story by writing the next part, so it gets a bit random in places ...


Some links to a few websites that I find useful, amusing or both.

*** NEW - Now including Geraldine's Random Internet Sale of the arbitrary time period ***


Cambridge University Chemical Laboratory
Lensfield Road
Cambridge CB2 1EW

work phone: +44 1223 336 423

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